From Voxels to 3D Print

Vizua is a professional, multipurpose, interactive, 3D services platform. It can be used stand-alone, or built into solutions ranging from medical communication and education, to engineering and design, to 3D modeling and printing. Its rich set of tools and services allows easy viewing, annotation, and sharing of data as well as converting from scan data to 3D, then to 3D printable models. All of this from a cloud platform that delivers high-performance graphics processing at a fraction of the cost of individually licensed software and purchased hardware.

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This is exciting new technology that gives us much more information about our animals here than we've ever had before.
Tom Meehan, DVM, VP of Veterinary Services, CZS
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Cloud Simplicity

Through the Vizua cloud service and a web browser, you can share 2D and 3D images allowing communication and collaboration anywhere in the world. Since no specialized equipment is required, viewing is easy and configuration-free.

Powerful 3D Tools

Viewers see an accurate representation of an image, and the original file is never altered. Any view can be saved as a bookmark, so areas of interest can be stored, revisited or shared. 3D tools allow you to examine an image; rotate it on any plane; adjust depth of interior focus, and filter contents based on material density.

Device Flexibility

Through its proprietary technology, Vizua can manage CT, MRI and Ultrasound files of any size, quickly manipulate them and then stream them to browsers, iPads and iPhones. The Vizua servers are designed for both the current and future generations of scanners with higher resolution images that will become commonplace.


With Vizua, after a one-time upload your data is securely stored on our servers and instantly available to you and anyone you choose from anywhere in the world. Bookmark, annotate and share points of interest. 3D fly-through movies create perspective and interest for presentations.

3D Printing

Vizua easily converts raw 3D data to a printable 3D model with color and size flexibility. Readily converts from 2D to 3D software model, then to a 3D printable model. Material-based cost estimates can also be calculated.

Easy to Learn

Vizua's intuitive interface empowers you to explore, discover, share and demonstrate. An easy-to-learn and operate dashboard of controls allows you to examine and manipulate an image. The same interface is used for annotating and sharing as well as the rich selection of other Vizua features.

Why choose us?

Full 3D Experience

With Vizua 3D models can be manipulated in real time using an intuitive interface. Models can be rotated in any plane, filtered from top to bottom, from surface to core and all iterations in between. Vizua can even render visualizations in stereoscopic 3D, which when viewed on a glasses-free 3D screen provides an additional depth of visualization for even better understanding.


Browser tools for visualization and sharing are fast and simple. They are as easy to use by the specialist as the consumer. Vizua an online service with no dedicated hardware to purchase or lease, or specialized software to license, install and maintain.

Sharing and Collaboration

Sharing a specific view of a scan enables much better collaboration. Scans shared online with Vizua retain all filters, lighting and 3D parameters necessary to faithfully reproduce a visualization.

Device Independence

Scans stored on Vizua servers can be easily and instantly accessed from a computer or mobile device, removing the time consuming management and loading of CD-Roms (15-20 mins typical loading time) or the printing of 2D views that lose spatial positioning information.